Tee Box Golf are committed to being a sustainable brand. With everything we source this is at the forefront of our mind.

We are dedicated to eliminating plastic from our products and packaging as much as possible, including ball markers - we supply sustainbly sourced wooden ball markers in our boxes. 


We provide sustainably sourced bamboo tee's. 

Bamboo can be harvested every 1 - 5 years, whereas normal hard wood takes up to 40 years! By using Bamboo most of the 'tree' can be used meaning production is much more efficient.

Bamboo is also extremely durable and therefore compared to other wood tees can withstand much more force. 


Boxes and cotton bags

Our boxes are recyclable and we encourage you to do this every month!

Our stickers are made from grasspaper which is produced using 97% less energy and 99% less water than traditional wood pulp processing. Because of the way these stickers are made you can recycle these along with your box!

We have replaced the traditional plastic bag with a branded pull-top cotton bag for you. Not only is this great to grab and go when you're heading to golf course, containing all of your supplies but it is bio-degradeable!

Golf Balls

We are currently launching our subscription boxes using Lake-balls. These are quality, lightly pre-used balls and we're giving them a new lease of life!