Lake Ball Grading

These balls are the best quality lake ball and are in a ‘like new’ condition. These lake balls have probably only been hit a couple of times before they found their watery end.  You might find a very small players pen mark on the occasional ball, but compared to the brand new ball price they represent fantastic value. These balls are suitable for competitive play. 

Grade A 
Offers even more value for money compare to a Pearl grade ball. The Grade A golf balls have narrowly failed as a Pearl ball, however will still be in excellent condition and will have minor play/pen mark from previous use, with the occasional tiny surface blemish. 

Grade B 
These balls have some signs of play and will have either club marks, pen marks, discoloration, or maybe a combination. 
Although we would not recommend these balls for competitive play they are still perfectly playable and are fantastic value. 

Important note: In all of the above grades some golf balls will have corporate logos printed on them.