The Top 5 Golf Balls in the UK

The UK golf industry has seen a boom over the past 12 months and that can only mean one thing for golf balls - more of them are being lost every week than before. Joking aside, lets take a look at some of the top golf balls in the UK market.

Titleist Pro V1

The self-proclaimed (but probably quite legitimately)  number 1 ball in golf is also one of the most expensive balls on the market.

Taylor Made TP5

Taylor Made also makes a fantastic premium ball with the TP5 and TP5x.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway's premium offering is well liked too and just like Tyalor Made, they've become popular because of the various colour schemes the ball is available in. One of these follows the trend of alignment, with the now very well known 'Triple Track' red and blue lines on the side of the ball.

Srixon AD333

This lower priced ball cannot be ignored. Srixon have continuously improved the AD333 at a price point that makes it a very attractive ball to players that prefer a consistent product at a lower price point.

Callaway Super Soft

Another slightly lower priced ball from Callaway has risen in popularity for it's super soft feel around and on the greens. This extra feel makes this a very popular ball at this price point.

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